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You need a business name so people know who you are and where to find you again. The name of your business needs to inspire others to use your business, be catchy enough for them to remember you and hopefully recommend your business to others. Coming up with this business name can prove difficult; so here are a few tips. 


Your business name is the most important part to your business.



Using acronyms is always a popular way to create business name. For example, BBC and AOL. These acronyms sound better than the whole name, making it much more catchy and attention grabbing. The whole of your business name still needs to be as effective as the acronym.

Tell your story

If you can tell your businesses story through your businesses name; do so. If you can tell your story in one word it can be extremely effective as it allows people to see, straight away, your businesses background. For example, Virgin named its business Virgin as a way of saying they were completely new to business.

Make it unique

Your businesses name needs to be unique and unforgettable. You need to ensure people remember you for your business name. This way, through word-of-mouth, your popularity and recognition can potentially increase. You need to ensure your business name is not the exact same as another businesses name; you may get lost in a sea of the same names. To ensure you don’t get lost as a business, you need to be unique.

Make it easy

Alongside this, having an easy to pronounce, simple business name will be extremely beneficial to you. If your businesses name is difficult to pronounce, it may mean less people introduce others to your business as they are unsure how to pronounce the name of it.

Keep it simple

Be sure to keep it simple and make sure it makes sense. When creating a business, you will already know what services and/or products you will be providing and therefore already know the direction you are heading in. If your businesses name fails to relate to the value of your business and what you do; customers may feel that you have made an impulsive decision when creating your business name.


Your business name can be anything you want it to be; as long as it relates to your business, is professional and easy to remember. Make sure you have your customers and business values in mind when creating it.


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