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Keeping a blog may be of little importance to your business, but it’s always a good way of sharing content about your industry, keeping your website up-to-date with relevant things for your website visitors to read, and much more. That’s why we include blogs in most of our business templates, so you can write blogs on your website!


Blogging is one of the easiest ways of sharing your expertise.


You can create categories as well as tags on your blogs. Creating tags will help your blogs get seen. Another thing helping your blogs to be seen is the SEO you decide to use. It’s important to utilise the metadata boxes given to you, as Google reacts well to metadata and SEO friendly blogs - meaning your blogs will hopefully get the best search results.

You can create as many blogs as you like. There’s an unlimited amount of pages in terms of your blog, meaning you can write as many as you want and never run out of space. Each blog post is easy to add and has the same functionality boxes as the rest of your website. You can publish each post in just a couple of clicks!

As mentioned, it may not be that important to your business to have blogs and continuously keep updating your website. It can be helpful to have new, engaging content as this works well for aspects on Google and coding such as web crawlers. Web crawlers specifically like new content as it shows you’re constantly updating your site.

Get started today and write endless blogs to interest your potential customers and showcase your skills!


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