Why do you Need a Business Website?


There are now billions of active internet users. A website has the potential to reach a percentage of these active internet users. That, in itself, explains why you need a business website. 

But, why do you actually need a business website? 


Your marketing tool

A website is at the heart of your marketing strategy. Your website is where your potential customers will find you, and it's where you'll showcase your talent, expertise, products and values. Essentially, it's your biggest marketing tool. You can advertise your website organically or using paid advertising; increasing your potential reach and visitors. Your website then teaches these people everything there is to know about you, hopefully engaging them through entertaining and interesting content. 


Provide proof

A website is a brilliant place to provide proof of what you do and your skills. You may be lucky enough to have positive feedback and testimonials from previous customers. If so, these can be put onto your website to enable others to see your worth and begin to trust you. Every other part of your website will also provide proof of your work and what you produce; as well as how experienced your business is in its sector.


Your competitors have a website

Every business has competitors. Your competitors will more than likely have websites; if you don’t, customers will automatically prefer your competitors over you, all because you don’t have a credible and reliable website. Your website lets customers know you are as reliable, hopefully more, than your competitors.  


A website is a place to be found 


Customer support

Your website is a brilliant place to offer customer support. You can offer ways to contact you in case your customers need to, a contact form to leave a message if they wish to, even some FAQs that could answer questions they have about your products or services. More often than not, the first place people go to when they need support is the website of the business they need support off of, and so without a business website, where are they going to find your support options? 


Do business your own way

Owning a business website enables you to do business however you want to. You get the opportunity to convey your businesses messages, values and culture in an individualistic and unique way. You want your business to stand out from the crowd and you can do this through your business website. 


To put it simply, your business needs a website. Your business needs to have a website to showcase your expertise alongside your products or services. To have a business website means to market your business in a unique and individualistic way, that you can organically market or pay for advertising to increase your website visitors. 


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