SiteGainer provides you with all the conversion rate optimisation tools you need; in just one platform.

SiteGainer has 6 different tools; A/B testing, multivariate test, personalisation, heatmaps, popups and surveys. All these tools allow you to optimise your marketing efforts, giving you the best experience you can possibly get from our marketing software. Optimising your marketing efforts further increases your potential customers online experiences.  


i. A/B Testing

Allows different visitors to see different versions of a webpage. One being A, one being B; you can decide which works best. Read more here

ii. Multivariate Testing

Similar to A/B, multivariate testing enables you to alter a small aspect of the page but on a larger scale. Find out more here.

iii. Personalisation 

With this, you can personalise webpages for visitors. The information you have on visitors enables you to make the webpage suited to them. Read more here.

iv. Heatmaps 

Heatmaps allow you to see what parts of your webpages visitors have interacted with, and which aspects are less popular. Find out more here. 

v. Popups 

You can personalise popups to appear as and when you want, but they're an easy way to gain or regain a visitors attention. Read more about popups here.

vi. Surveys 

Surveys are an easy way to get feedback from visitors, whilst staying on your webpage. See how surveys work here.


These tools are available within our marketing software. 


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