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Networking events are something that may scare you. They may be so daunting to you that you rarely even try to attempt them; but if, on the off chance you do, you’ve got to get it right.

Essentially, networking is the attempt of building a relationship with a person who could be a potential client. Networking events are pretty much the exact same thing. They revolve around the idea that potential clients will gravitate towards businesses / people they want to build a connection with and are interested in. There are some all important tips to help promote your business with networking...


Know your goals

Before you even attempt to go to a networking event and promote your business, you must know why you’re going. What your goals are, what you want to achieve, who you want to ideally meet, and so on.

The more definitive your goals are, the easier you’re going to find working towards them. Goals allow you to go into the event with a headstrong motive which then enables you to make solid advances towards them. You know your projected outcome, you know you want to achieve it, you know how you will, so why wouldn’t you implement this to the best of your ability?


Don’t be all about business

This subtly ties in with the previous; don’t be all about business. Don’t shove your business in people’s faces when, the chances are, they aren’t all that interested.

Whilst your goals may be to earn potential business, it’s about easing people into it. You can’t begin all your conversations with potential customers with all the facts there is to know about your business. You have to start to slowly build a friendship and connection with them; talk about things that matter to them, not things that matter to your business. Ask them personal questions and get them talking about what they’re interested in. This approach will make you seem extremely friendly and nice and they’ll feel that they can trust you.


People gravitate to what they're interested in at networking events


Elevator pitch

Your elevator pitch does not necessarily have to be a pitch that tells everyone what you do and how you do it. It doesn’t have to be something that’s done in a 30 second space of time. It’s simply just a line to hook people in and help them see the benefits you offer in your business.

The best way to craft your elevator pitch is to focus on what you can do for a customer. Focus on what you can do for someone, not what you do and how you do it. This way, people will take an immediate interest as it’s something that will benefit them and make their life easier. People will be interested to know how exactly you can help them in the way you state you can, and therefore will take further action with your business to find this out.


Listen to people

You need to listen to people. You need to listen to their needs and their wants. This comes largely into play when you’re first speaking to them and getting to know them.

You need to really listen to them and understand who they are, their personality, what they do, their hobbies, what they need, and so much more. Listening to all of this information and really absorbing it benefits you in the long run as you can personalise and cater your words and content towards their needs and personality.



These aren’t all the tips we have to offer! On our Hub article you can find out much more about how to effectively promote your business with networking. If you’re thinking of taking part in a networking event, then it’s important to make sure you’re familiar with everything you need to get right and some of the best practices.


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