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The most popular way to start a business now is online

But, it may seem daunting if you're at a loss of where to begin. It's easy to start a business online by following these simple steps:


i. Find a need and fill it

Define your product or service and what missing space it fills up. Find what people are searching for and not finding. Large groups of people will have been searching for the services your business provides, with perhaps little to no luck. You need to be the solution to their problem. 


ii. Design and build an easy to use website

When it comes to your website, it needs to be easy to navigate; being clear and simple for potential customers to use. The easier it is to use, the more likely you are to get a lower bounce rate and higher conversion rate. Try to include an email newsletter opt in form so people who are interested or are existing customers can sign up for regular updates.


iii. Write copy that sells

Alongside making your website easy to use, it needs to include copy that sells. You need to arouse interest through factors such as a compelling headline, describing what problem/s your service solves and how it can benefit users, add testimonials if you have any and make a strong guarantee. All these elements will draw potential customers attention in and make them automatically interested in what you do and how you can help them.


iv. Establishing your expert reputation

Establishing an expert reputation for your business can create a multitude of benefits for you. If you give away free expert content, such as articles or other content portraying your expertise in your field. This will immediately make your potential customers trust you and feel that you are a reliable business.


v. Marketing

Once you have begun your business, you need to market it. Marketing of your business can include email marketing, social media, and anything else you feel would work for your business. Making sure you promote your business is essential.


Starting your business online has a lot more to it than just this; however, these are the first few vital steps once you have defined who you are as a business. If you follow these vital steps you will find it easy to kick start your business and begin to find those crucial customers.


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