Our website hosting is located in London for UK sites and globally for international sites.


Hosting servers provide storage space and access for websites, and our hosting servers are designed for SuperFast hosting solutions.


SuperFast hosting allows your websites to be loaded much quicker and faster, for a better browsing experience. We have our powerful web hosting servers, Solid State Drives, all allowing for a better experience - customer and website owner.

We work extremely hard to provide a hosting platform that is reliable, strong and consistent. This means little to no down time. It’s important to have a platform that is reliable to ensure it doesn’t go down when it’s least expected. Having a strong platform suffices for a strong, positive customer experience too as they will hopefully come across few issues.

The website you purchase from Tickety Boo Business will be SSL secured. This ensures you and your visitors are safe and secure when browsing, and even creating. Most people feel better when they know a website is secure, so SSL security is important for your website to have.

The list goes on in terms of our hosting features. We pride ourselves in having good, fast hosting servers with little downtime and SuperFast hosting. Everything involved in our hosting is simply to improve your experience.

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