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Google Drive is a hub for all your work to be stored. You can access any of this work at any given time on any device, as well as edit and make changes to that work. Google Drive allows you to share and collaborate on documents, perhaps between you and your colleagues.


Some of our Tickety Boo Business subscriptions supply you with Google Drive and all its features.


Docs are similar to Word, however it saves as you go along and several people can work on the document at the same time. You no longer have to worry about saving your work every time you finish a sentence, Google Docs does it for you. There’s no software needed, just a device and the internet.

Sheets are spreadsheets that are similar to Excel. You can perform the same functionalities as you can on Excel, ranging from just text in a box to performing complicated formulas. Again, like Docs, every change you make saves automatically.

Slides can be used to create any important presentations your business may need to do. Slides have exactly the same features as you’d expect to see on Powerpoint in Microsoft. They are easily customised and can be, again, shared with people to collaborate and work on at the same time.

Calendar syncs automatically with Gmail, Drive and Contacts. The calendar will put events in on days and times mentioned in emails, and more, without necessarily having to add them. Calendars can also be shared, much like everything else in Google Drive. This means a team will be able to see the team’s calendar as well as have their own, personal calendar.

Google Drive includes a large range of features and functions that are suitable for all businesses. They are all made for collaborative purposes, as well as making it easier than ever to complete work without losing any.

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