Making your website unique to you is one of the most important aspects to your website. Being able to customise your pages and content will showcase your business better than ever. Tickety Boo Business websites allow you to customise your website and whenever and however you wish.


Your Tickety Boo Business website can be customised in the process of creating it.


You can view your website how you like with custom views. These views differ from preview (full size webpage of your draft or published website), editor (full size webpage view of the content and WYSIWYG boxes) or a split screen mode where you can see both, half and half. This customisable view allows you to work the way you want to.

It’s always good to have your own custom Favicon; our websites have space for you to drop and drag your Favicon into. This Favicon appears on the tab on a desktop when people are on your website, think of it as a small logo that people may associate with you. Having a custom one is important in this aspect as it will separate you and make you unique.

Tickety Boo Business websites are designed to enable you to customise yours the way you wish. This can be done by adding, deleting or rearranging pages, adding any images you want, adding custom logos, and so much more.

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