Architecture of your Website


The architecture of your website is absolutely essential; and should be easy to navigate! Having a good architecture, or foundation, will make for a good overall website.


Tickety Boo Business ensures its websites are easy to navigate, with an advanced architecture allowing your website to look as professional as it can.


Each website is hand-coded and have our own, unique template. We do not use plugins. We believe hand-coding is the easiest way of ensuring we have individualistic websites for everyone. Hand-coding also allows us to alter any problems you may come across easily.

Your website can be seen as a draft before you publish anything, if you so wish. Saving your site as a draft will simply allow only you or anyone logged into your website to see that site. Once you’re happy with it, you can publish it and it’ll make your website live and available for everyone to see. Having the ability to save your site as a draft enables you to see how it will look and alter it before anyone else is able to see it.

Everyone makes mistakes; but on our websites, you can remove these mistakes instantly. With our website history option, you can simply rollback your website to whichever version you want. If you created a version of your website you loved, and have updated it but don’t like it so much, you can simply revert back to the version you loved with a few simple clicks.

It’s important to have a complex website architecture, but it’s also important to not make this architecture too complicated to use. It’s more than likely that having professional website architecture will make for a professional website overall.

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