A Good Business Plan


A business plan is what's needed to keep your business on track.  

Wondering how to write a good business plan? Here are a few pointers!


i. Keep it short

Otherwise, you run the risk of people choosing to disregard it and not read it. Keeping it short increases the chances of people actually reading your business plan. It is more than likely that no one is going to choose to read a 100 page document. As well as this, as your business grows your business plan will also grow. If your business plan is too long, it may be too difficult to deal with and alter over time.

ii. Write it in a way that your target audience will understand

In a business, you should already know who your target audience is. You need to write your business plan in a way that they will understand. To do this, you will need to adapt your language and what you are saying so everyone can understand.

iii. Do competitor research

It is essential you do your research and understand your competition. Knowing your competition will be beneficial to you as you will be able to see who is already doing what you’re doing and how you can compete against them. Research will also help you to see what others put in their business plans and how you can make yours the best it can be.

iv. Cover all key areas

Be sure to put everything in your business plan that is necessary. If you miss essential parts out, your plan will be missing vital information that can affect the business overall. Your business plan will be one of the most important documents in your business as it allows you to see the direction you are aiming to go in and so on.


You can slowly build up your business plan as time goes on, it does not necessarily have to all be written within a day. As long as you eventually have a business plan that is easy to understand and covers all key areas, it’s okay.


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