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Landing Pages

A landing page is something that gives visitors the information they need and want. The page can also be used as a way to persuade people to take a desired action. This is everything you need to know about landing pages...

Defining Mission and Vision Statements

Mission and vision statements give your business a clear sense of direction. They map out the future for your business and shows the team the goals for a certain time frame.

Boosting Client Loyalty and Happiness

Client happiness leads to loyalty. It's imperative to keep your clients happy and feeling positive about your business. Going above and beyond for your clients is one of the most beneficial acts.

Creating an Ideal Client Profile

Ideal client profiles allow businesses to know who they're targeting and what to do when acquiring these clients. Having ideal client profiles enables your business to focus on those who matter.

Good Customer Service

For a business, good customer service is absolutely essential. You need to deal with customers with a positive and delightful attitude to give your customers the best experience.

Develop a Website Strategy

Your website is one of the most important things to have as a business. This is exactly why you need to have a detailed strategy with goals and a path carved out to reach these goals.

Audience Research Methods

Without researching your audience you're not going to know them to the extent that you should. It's vital to explore your audience and different research methods to find everything you can.

Networking Events

Networking events are brilliant for reaching a wider audience that you may never have reached without attending. They're places for you to build relationships and begin the buyer's process.

Design and Optimise Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed to attract new customers and generate more leads. They're designed around visitors taking a desired action, so it's important to make them engaging and interesting.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversions occur when a visitor takes a certain action you want them to; and conversion rate optimisation is optimising your page for easier navigation and a higher conversion rate.

Mobile Friendly Website

A large majority of people turn to their mobiles when searching for something. That's why it's so important to make sure your website is mobile friendly and accessible by all.

Convert Website Visitors

Essentially, website traffic doesn't matter if you're not getting any conversions. Conversions are what makes people paying customers, or are what help you eventually turn them into paying customers.

Get the Most out of Your Website

Your website is your dedicated place. It's where you aim to attract, engage, interest and convert potential customers. But how do you get the most out of your website and ensure best results?

Important Website Metrics

Understanding your website metrics, and which are most important to you, is essential. It enables you to see your performance and determine what needs improving to better your results.

Land Your Dream Clients

As a business, your dream clients are the ones that matter the most to you. They're the ones who have the exact pain points that your products or services solve, and who NEED your business.

Lead Nurturing Tactics

To nurture a lead means to give them targeted, timely and personalised content that helps them progress down the sales funnel towards becoming a paying customer. Here are some brilliant lead nurturing tactics!

Running a Competitor Analysis

To run a competitor analysis gives you new information about your competition and their audience. It allows you to see what they're doing, if it's effective and how their audience respond.

Keep Customers Coming Back

It costs five times as more to get a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer. This is why it's more beneficial for your business to keep customer retention high, but how do you do this?

Call to Action Tips

A call to action is what entices visitors into taking a certain action that converts them. Your call to action's need to offer value and give benefits to visitors to grab their attention.

Design eCommerce for More Conversions

Your eCommerce platform is there to sell. It's there to gain conversions and capture great leads. However, you will need to design and optimise your platform for sales.