Webinars for Business

  • Introduction

  • Types of Webinars

  • Benefits

  • Conclusion


A webinar is a “seminar conducted and delivered over the internet”. It’s a live video that an individual, or multiple people, host to an audience from all over the world. Webinars can be personalised by showing yourselves, showing your computer screen or something completely different. You can also involve your audience by having interactive features, allowing them to ask questions and talk to you. This makes it much more personal.


A webinar gives you a chance to show your intelligence


Webinars are used to share knowledge and expertise. It’s about giving educational content to people, adding value to their lives and connecting with your audience. Webinars aren’t all about pushing sales, they’re about teaching people and interacting with them if necessary. They’re a brilliant way of building up your expert reputation and make your business more trustworthy, reliable and credible. Webinars also give your audience new and exciting content to interact with and this builds up your engagement levels.


Types of Webinars

One of the best ways to exploit webinars for your business is to use different webinars for the different stages of the customer journey. This helps you build relationships and push people towards your end goal; becoming a paying customer. So what are the types of webinars you can use?


Thought leadership 

Thought leadership webinars are brilliant ways to bring in new audiences and share your knowledge and expertise. Thought leadership webinars tend to mainly focus on trends and developments within your businesses industry. They concentrate on giving people important insights and adding value to people’s lives. These webinars are about beginning to grow your audience.


Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing webinars are there to begin building relationships with the audience you’ve grown using the previous webinar, or something else. This audience will have a high level of understanding of your business and what you do. You need to deliver educational content that shows off your expertise, approach and value. It’s not a sales pitch, it’s sharing your knowledge and benefits. Examples of lead nurturing webinars include sharing case studies alongside your content.


It’s said that buyer’s carry out 67% of their buying journey online before contacting sales. This means they’ll grow a strong understanding of your businesses and services before they even contact you. This is why demo webinars are brilliant. They’re for those who are fully aware of your business, but need more information. You can give people a tour of your product and how it works, explore its uses and benefits, and anything else relevant or suitable. This way, you’re guiding people further down their buying journey as they’re learning everything they need to know about your services or products.


Customer onboarding/training

Once you acquire a new customer, a customer onboarding/training webinar is one of the best things you can do. A customer onboarding webinar allows you to deliver more personalised, customised content for the start of their journey. It gives them a chance to perhaps talk to you directly, depending on how you deliver the webinar, or simply see a more in depth description of your service or product that helps them get started straight away.


New feature/product

A webinar is a brilliant way of introducing your audience to new features or products/services. It generates excitement and engagement, and perhaps even entices new audiences in as they may be interested by this new idea you’re sharing - which then leads them to go and find out more about you as a business. It adds dimension and a new way of sharing something exciting.



You may not actually know or understand the benefits of running webinars, and if you don’t, you may not understand the worth of running them.


You deliver value

Firstly, when you’re running webinars, you’re delivering value. You’re sharing your knowledge and expertise, adding value to your audience’s lives and educating them on a particular topic. Depending on how you run your webinar, your audience can also get involved and ask questions - by answering them, you’re delivering to them personalised content that they’ve requested.  You’re giving your audience valuable and high quality content.


You become an expert

As mentioned, you’re sharing your knowledge and expertise. You’re giving people high quality, knowledgeable content and, because of this knowledgeable content, people start to think of you as an expert. They begin to associate your business as an “expert business” with a wide array of professional and specialist knowledge. 


Can make sales without pushing it

Webinars are brilliant for making sales without pushing a sale. You don’t cold call or email people with sales content, hoping to push a sale and convert someone into a paying customer. Webinars simply show people your product or service, alongside showing your knowledge and expertise. It’s about showcasing people’s pain points that your product or service solve, and add value to their lives. This way, it pushes people towards being paying customers naturally.


Communicate with anyone 

A webinar allows you to connect and communicate with absolutely anyone. There are no restrictions due to travelling or money, your webinar is online and accessible by anyone, anywhere in the world. Therefore, there are no restrictions or limitations on who’s accessing your content and finding out more about you through high quality, valuable content. You’re able to reach a wide, unlimited audience.


New, original content to keep your audience engaged

Producing and delivering webinars are a great way to keep your audience engaged. You’re delivering new, unique and individual content that adds value and benefits their lives. Webinars differ from the usual, stereotypical content businesses will send out, and because of that - people are automatically engage and want to see what you’re sharing.


Generate new leads

Delivering webinars can actually generate new leads. Some webinars can be “gated”, meaning people interested have to “register” their interest through signing up or filling in a form. Once they’ve registered their interest, you then have their contact information and can begin building up a relationship and nurturing that lead.


Invite guests and use their audience 

You don’t have to restrict your webinars to only being your business. You can invite guests and have different businesses feature on your webinars. You can then use this to your advantage, as they may promote the webinar to their audience and drive their audience to watch it. This way, you’re reaching a much wider audience and sharing your knowledge with them. Of course, you cannot expect all guests to promote your webinar, so do not lose interest in them if they don’t promote you to their audience, it’s just a possibility.



As a business, you may not have actually thought about running a webinar. However, the benefits of running a webinar are too good to miss out on. Running a webinar allows you to build up your expertise and knowledge straight away.


Webinars help build your credibility


There are endless possibilities to the types of webinars you can run, which enables you to personalise and customise them for your business. You can run webinars that your business needs to run, whether it be to grow an audience or whether you’ve grown that audience and you need a webinar to push them towards sales. Either way, a webinar is a brilliant technique as you’re not being too forceful; you’re simply adding value while gently and subtly pushing people towards sales.

Build up your expertise, knowledge and value and get started with webinars today.