Ways to Attract new Customers

  • Introduction

  • Target Market Data

  • Marketing

  • Strong Customer Service

  • Partner with Others

  • Share your Knowledge

  • Conclusion


As a business, you’re going to want to be continuously attracting new customers. You need to be consistently making the effort to keep your sales up; and it’s all about finding new ways to attract new customers.


The probability of selling to a potential customer is only 5-20%, however the probability is increased to 60-70% when it comes to selling to existing customers


Essentially, customer retention is so important, but before customer retention comes actually acquiring leads to turn into customers. Knowing how to attract new customers to your business is one of the toughest elements to being part of a business team. It’s a fine mix of persuasive, friendly and positive communication; alongside brilliant services and excellent business skills, especially in your particular sector.

So let’s go on to talk about a few ways to attract new customers to your business...

Target Market Data

This may seem obvious; using your target market data. Your businesses target market should have been defined before you even began your marketing journey. It’s absolutely essential to define your target market as that way you know exactly who you want to target and entice, and your marketing efforts will therefore be defined and focussed.

Your target market data should include things such as…


Who your target market/potential customers are

What your potential customers need from your services

Where are they (e.g. on social media or location)

Why they will buy from you

How they act


All of this information will enable you to market your services and products in a much more defined and targeted way. It will ensure your business reaches the correct people - the people that matter.


One of the most surefire ways to attract new customers is to search for and reach out to these people


Reach out to your target market, direct your marketing efforts towards them and try to build up connections with those who interact with you. When on a mission to attract new customers, try reaching out to your target market in ways you never have before - experiment and see what works. Essentially, it’s all about reaching the correct people, as they’re the ones who will make a difference.



Again, this is an obvious. Marketing will be an ongoing thing for most businesses, it continuously helps in the process of attracting new customers. Attracting new customers through marketing means perhaps going elsewhere to market, using paid advertising, and so on. It means experimenting with your marketing and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Marketing ranges from: social media, your website, email marketing, and so much more.


There are so many possible marketing avenues to go down that require experiments to see the results achievable


It’s important to always remember your businesses goals and what you want to accomplish - new customers. It’s all well and good continuing with the marketing efforts that you know work for your existing customers, but you need to focus on new marketing habits that attract new customers. Try to go down new routes that you know your target market will take an interest in.


Helpful tip

We believe paid advertising really helps you get a kick start when it comes to reaching new audiences. Paid advertising allows you to define your target market, and then ensures that your adverts and/or marketing efforts reaches that target market. Your advertising will reach a completely new, wide audience.



Strong Customer Service

First impressions matter. This is where your businesses customer service skills come into play. You need to be sure to provide a strong customer service that makes a good first impression.


The minute a potential customer contacts your business, your customer service has to be perfect


You have to show your strong communication skills, your ability to help people, your friendliness and politeness, and so on. You have to present yourself as the business to provide the potential customer in question with the help they need. The better your customer service, the more positive and happy they will be with your business and, essentially, they are one step closer to becoming a customer.

Often, if you’re seen as providing good customer service, it will give people an incentive to use your business if they’re after a service/product you supply. Good customer service makes people feel safe, secure and 100% happy with the way they’re being treated; giving them even more of an incentive to convert and become a paying customer.

Partner with Others

Partnering with other businesses is something you may not have thought about. However, it can be extremely beneficial and can subject your business to a completely new audience.

Think about any incentives you can give people; such as vouchers or giving away things for free. These incentives will hopefully grab someone’s attention and make them want to find out more. If this is the case, it’s then a matter of capturing their attention and making the effort to convert them into customers or give them another incentive to return back to you. This is also where your good customer service skills come into play again. You have to provide a good experience to those new customers who have shown an interest in you to ensure they feel welcomed and happy with the service they’ve received. The happier they feel, the more chance they have of returning. 

Partnerships don’t necessarily have to be done between two businesses that are in the same industry.


The whole concept of partnerships is to make an effort to reach new people and new audiences


This essentially means partnering with any willing business. Try to make the partnership work in ways that both businesses benefit - so perhaps stray away from partnering with businesses in your industry, or selling similar products/services. You want to reach new people but partnering with businesses similar to yours will simply create more competition and a potential clash of customers.

Share your Knowledge

Much like some of these ways, this is something that needs to be prevalent in all your marketing efforts from the beginning. You need to share your knowledge and show your worth. The more knowledge your business seemingly has, the more people are going to trust you and feel you’re reliable and credible.


People feel that, to become a customer, they need to be able to trust the business


One of the best ways to build this trust is through sharing knowledge and showing people you know what you’re doing. The more knowledge you show you have, the more trustworthy you’re going to come across. In business, people look to trust businesses before becoming their customer. People like to see businesses sharing industry knowledge as it’s a matter of interest to some, and it simply indicates the business is knowledgeable and credible. 

Sharing your knowledge through a blog is also another great way in itself to market your business and attract more customers. Your blog posts can be shared across platforms and hopefully grab the attention of potential customers. Make sure your blog posts are always relevant, interesting and entertaining.


Overall, there are endless ways in which your business can make efforts to attract new customers. It’s about making enhancements to what you already do; perhaps marketing more, using a certain platform more, paying for adverts, and so on. Alongside all these factors it’s also important to try new things and experiment with what could work. From experimenting, you will find techniques that work to bring in new customers and you will see what’s effective in getting you new business.


The more you can branch out into new areas and new aspects, the better


It’s all about opening new opportunities for your business and ensuring you get the most out of these new opportunities. You need to optimise your efforts and be the best your business can be to entice potential customers. This means providing the best customer service, the best services, the best knowledge, and so much more.

Once you’ve earned the attention of potential customers, you need to make the effort to cross the gap and grab their interest enough so that they return or convert into paying customers.