Twitter Promote Mode

  • Introduction

  • How Does it Work?

  • Is it Worth it?

  • Conclusion


Twitter promote mode is Twitter’s “automated ads programme”. For the price you pay, Twitter will automatically promote your tweets according to your preferred targeting. Twitter promote mode is there to assist people who want to run promotions but don’t want to run ads manually.

Promote mode is a brilliant way of running promotional content that boosts your accounts performance and results, without having to focus on manually setting up ads and creating campaign ideas. It runs in the background and lets you focus on meaningful interactions and delivering high quality, entertaining content.


Promote mode is an automated ads programme


The more you can focus on getting quality content out there and in front of your audience, the better. This is because quality content will engage and entertain people more; it will leave a lasting impression. According to Twitter, “accounts with up to 2,000 followers will see the most value”, but Twitter promote mode is available to accounts with any number of following.  

How Does it Work?

So how does Twitter promote mode work? You tweet as usual, and then Twitter will select up to your first 10 tweets that meet its “quality requirement” and promote them to your selected audience. You do not get to choose which tweets are promoted. Tweets that are retweets, quote tweets or replies will not be promoted. Now, let’s talk about the process of setting it up…


Find promote mode

Finding the promote mode button is easy enough. Navigate to Twitter (on desktop), find your profile icon and click on it. From this, you’ll get a drop down menu and “Promote Mode” can be found on said menu. Click on it.


Select country and timezone

The Twitter promote mode is only available in the US, UK and Japan. This is the stage where you have to choose what country you’re in and what the time zone is. Twitter will then only promote your tweets to people in the country you select, for example, the UK. You cannot change your selection once you start the subscription.


Choose targeting

This is the section where you choose your type of targeting, whether you’re going to have your tweets promoted to people by their interests or by their locations.


Refine audience

Once you’ve chosen how you’re going to target your audience, you then have to refine the targeting. You can choose up to five interests or five locations.



Once you’ve been through all the settings and finalised everything, you can then go through to pay for your subscription. However, Twitter will then have to review your account before your subscription starts. When it’s been approved, your subscription starts and you’ve nothing to worry about.  


You can see results by clicking on “promote mode” again and your data will appear. You will be able to see:


A progress bar for the 30 day period

Number of people your promoted tweets have reached

Number of followers gained through promoted tweets

Number of visits to your profile from the promoted tweets

Number of tweets promoted


Is it Worth it?

Twitter promote mode works differently for all accounts. For some accounts, it can work perfectly, just the way they want it to, and give the best results possible. However, for others, it may not work as effectively. There are some factors to consider before trying Twitter promote mode…


Your tweets

You may think having an automated ads programme makes marketing so much easier; they simply choose themselves what should be promoted and do it all themselves. But there is one slight disadvantage to this… you’ve got no control. You can tweet content that you want to be promoted, but the choice is out of your control - you have no say in what is being promoted and you could potentially end up having a promoted tweet that is inappropriate or not effective at all.



Twitter promote mode has a number of limitations. You, obviously, have to choose between interests and locations, which, to begin with, is already quite limiting and restricting. Then, for interests, you have quite a limited choice, and this limited choice may put you at a disadvantage for trying to reach audiences that matter. If your target audience don’t really fit into any of the interests given, it’ll be tough for you to reach them with your promoted tweets.


Twitter promote mode is not going to be for everyone. It’s completely susceptible to your business, your account, what promotional content you want to do, and so on. Twitter promote mode can be something you pause or cancel (after 30 days), so it can be something good to experiment with and see if you get any positive or worthwhile results.


Promote mode gets your content in front of more people, without the worry of manually doing it


Promote mode is a great way of getting your content in front of more people, without having to worry about doing it all yourself and taking the time out to completely customise and set up a new campaign. You can just tweet as you normally would, and let Twitter do all the hard work for you, to grow your audience and get your quality content in front of new people. Promote mode being automated enables you to focus your efforts on other things, whether it be focusing on interacting with people, focusing on a different channel, or something else. It enables your mind to go elsewhere.