Growing Your Email List

  • Introduction

  • Using Email

  • New Content

  • Social Media

  • Your Website

  • Traditional Marketing

  • Conclusion


It’s said that your email marketing database degrades by about 22.5% each year. Factors such as email addresses changing with a job change, subscribers opting out, and so on. Due to this inevitable loss, you’re going to want to know ways to keep your email list fresh and new.

Your email list is the collection of email addresses your business creates which allows you to send out promotional and entertaining content to them.


Your email list needs to be ever-growing


Growing your email list is a matter of being friendly, engaging, interesting and entertaining. It’s about getting people’s attention and adding value to their lives.

But what strategies can you adopt that will actually help you in building your email list?


Using Email

Create remarkable email content 

In order to keep people subscribed to your email list, your email content needs to be remarkable. It needs to add value to people’s lives, be entertaining, interesting, engaging, and so on. Your content needs to be something that people look forward to receiving, this way you’ve got their undivided attention for the foreseeable future.


Encourage subscribers to share your emails 

When you send out emails, include a sharing button, or maybe even an “Email to Friend” button. This encourages people to share your content with new people, therefore, new audiences. If people find your content entertaining or interesting enough, they will feel obliged to share it with people they feel will also be interested. This way, you’re still reaching the right people.


Segment your lists

When you have a built up list, one of the best things to do is segment it. Separate people into lists that will create more target audiences. For example, if you have a group of people only just knowing about you, segment them and send them content about you and your industry. If you have a group of people close to buying from you, segment them and send them emails more about your specific services/products, with benefits, CTAs, etc. This way, you’re sending each group of people much more targeted content that will engage them and interest them.


Revisit an old list

As a business, you may have an old email list that’s untouched. This email list may just include old email addresses that are inactive, but it’s still a great idea to revisit the list and send them an opt in message that engages and entertains them. Send them something that promises to add value to their lives and give them a reason to opt in to your new email list.


New Content

A new lead generation offer

This may be better known as gated content. Try creating content that lies behind a “gate”, that people have to go through to get to. You have to make sure the content you write is valuable enough to guide people to go through the gate.


Bonus content

This can relate to the gated content mentioned above. Bonus content can simply be extra content that is behind a gate, but collated with content that isn’t behind a gate. Give them content that is “free” and available for anyone to see. This content needs to be engaging and entertaining. Then give them a gate to follow for more, advanced content that promises to add even more value. This way, if people enjoy the content already given to them, they’re more likely to give their information in return for the bonus content.


Social Media

Promote a contest

A great way of getting information is to create a contest. People love being competitive with the hope of winning something, people will get involved with no question. Simply ask for people’s email addresses in return for a place in the contest.


Add a CTA to the top of your Facebook page

At the top of your Facebook Business page, you can add a CTA. This can be anything you want, but the best option when you’re wanting to grow your email list is to use the “sign up” button. Link the button to a sign up landing page that gives them a form to sign up to your email newsletters. This way, people interested in your content on Facebook can take their interest further. It ensures your email list is full of people who matter, as they have clearly taken that action for a reason.


Publish gated content links

On your social media, you need to post and share the content you’ve written. You need to get your content in front of the people who matter the most, who will, more than likely, be your social media audience. Sharing your gated content links ensures more people see the valuable content, and it also gives other people a chance to share it around to their audiences as mentioned previously.


Your Website

Ask for feedback

People often like giving feedback if it means their experience will be bettered. On your website, it can be a good idea to ask for feedback but on a form that includes the visitor giving their email addresses. Not all visitors will want to do this, but it’s a good thing to have as an extra way of acquiring new email addresses.


Shorten length of lead capturing forms

On your website, you’re going to have lead capturing forms or any sort of form that involves the visitor giving an email address. The longer the forms are, the more chance you have of actually deterring and discouraging people from filling them in. You need to be sure to shorten the length of your forms and only collect the information you really need for them to be on your email list.


A/B test 

It’s always essential to A/B test everything you do, no matter what. A/B testing gives you the chance to test out all different versions of something (e.g. the colour of a CTA button) and determine which works most effectively. You need to A/B test what you can in terms of your strategy to grow your email list, and then, through data, determine what has worked best and provided you with the best results.


Link to offers across your website

Don’t hide your offers. Don’t hide your email sign up page, or any other sign up form. Simply put your forms or offers in front of people. Don’t be afraid of being up front and obvious about what you’re doing. The more you hide your offers away, the less chance you have of people taking action.


Traditional Marketing

Networking event 

Networking events are made for making new connections and finding new potential customers. Therefore, networking events are the perfect places to collect email addresses from people who show an interest. Don’t force it upon people, just be informal and friendly, give them the option. You need to make sure you offer them some sort of value that makes them want to sign up.



Webinars are, often, registered for via email. Therefore, those who are interested in your webinar or what you have to offer, will sign up with their email. Then, you’ve got their email and information and can begin contacting them.



An email list is one of the best things you can grow as a business. Email marketing enables you to get your content directly in front of the people who matter the most; the people who have taken such an interest in you that they voluntarily signed up or gave their email for more of your content.

To grow your email list is an easy thing to do; there are many avenues to go down, it’s a matter of experimenting and understanding which works best for you.


The more you can grow your email list, the more potential customers you're obtaining


Without testing all strategies, you’re not going to know which brings you the best results and performance. You want the best performance you can possibly get, because you’re then bringing in the most amount of email addresses you can and growing your list.

Focus on creating content, or promising to give content, that adds value and is useful to people. If your content is not useful, engaging or entertaining, people won’t be interested. You need to excite people and make them intrigued to find out, or read, more.