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Direct Marketing

Using targeted advertising to market your products and services will put you in front of the customers you want.

When they respond professional landing pages will provide them with just what they are searching for giving you the best opportunity for a sale.

With instant notification you can track them automatically. And with no restrictions on budget spend you can start small and grow.


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Smart Mail

Repeat business forms the basis of a solid business, but nurturing is also very rewarding.

If a customer does not engage or buy from you the first time around Smart Mail keeps you in contact personally so when they are ready you will be on their mind.

Show your customers you care, but do it automatically


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Automate Your Enquiries

Add all your enquiries to one place, then track those who are leads until they convert.

Keep those who do not complete, but follow up on everyone with ease and nurture your contacts.

Your customers are looked after, as you would wish to be.


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Get Hot Leads

Get notified instantly when any new prospects contact you. 

An email will hit your phone, computer, Mac and your Lead Manager will be automatically populated.

Deal with the enquiry and make the conversion.


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A + B Page Testing

A + B test and personalise any part of your website with revolutionary ease.

With website editor you load directly on to your website, you can easily change any part of your website for personalisation, A/B testing or multivariate testing. Save hours or even days with this amazing 
website editor!

It's super easy to do, and you will be amazed how much of a difference it can make.


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Heat Mapping

Research user behaviour with our unique dynamic heat maps.

Understand how your visitors interact with your website through Sitegainer's dynamic heat maps. The dynamic heat map works perfectly on your website to show you where your viewers click.

Now you can see what is important or what should have a link!


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Active Communication

Potential customers visiting your website will respond to messages as they view your site.

Essential Sales allows you to customise pop ups, surveys and on screen offers. 

Focus on generating leads and increasing your revenue with all your tools.


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