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Advanced CRM

A customer relations manager (CRM) comes as standard.

You will never miss a new enquiry again with automated notification and storage. Deal with each enquiry from the automated email notification or login via your phone, tablet or computer. 

Easily manage your new enquiries and current customers safely and securely.

advanced crm


Automate Your Enquiries

Add all your enquiries to one place, then track those who are leads until they convert.

Keep those who do not complete, but follow up on everyone with ease and nurture your contacts.

Your customers are looked after, as you would wish to be.


Get Hot Leads

Get notified instantly when any new prospects contact you. 

An email will hit your phone, computer, Mac and your Lead Manager will automatically be populated.

Deal with the enquiry and make the conversion.

crm screenshot
power of google2


Power of Google

Google Business is built in and delivers a range of unparalleled services.

G-Suite provides all your office software without the need for additional subscription or upgrade costs. Everything is included as standard and it's all setup and ready to go.

The unlimited number of emails on your domain show your prospective customers you are professional and reputable, while the advanced functionality ensures you get things done with ease.


It's Right up Your Street

Google advertising with no pay per click.



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