All website visitors are different. You can personalise your website and create a unique experience for each visitor. 

This personalisation takes place based on all the information you can find out about your visitors. You will more than likely formulate groups of people who are searching for the same thing, whether it be on your website or just Google.

You can see what these people want from visiting your website and enhance their experience. For example, if people are constantly searching for a specific service that you may provide as part of your business (e.g. bespoke websites) you can personalise your website so those who search for that specific service get a different website to those who do not. This means they will get the experience they want from it rather than one they get and accept that’s what they’ve got.


Why personalise?

Website visitors expect personalised experiences 
Visitors are more likely to come back to a website that knows their needs
Personalised content generates more revenue and a higher conversion rate


What can you personalize?

Call to actions
Contact details
Steps in checkout
Header content
Payment methods
Responsive design
Mobile layout
Text size
And lots more!


If people are enjoying their experience when using your website; your conversion rates and hopefully amount of potential customers will increase.


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