Multivariate Testing


Multivariate testing allows you to test a variety of different combinations and see which ones work the best.

Similar to A/B testing but much more refined, multivariate testing gives you the power to discover which combinations work best together. In order to gain significant results, you're more than likely going to need hundreds of different combinations and see which are the best performing. A good example of changes made are the colour, text and size of call to action buttons. 


Why Multivariate test?

You get all the benefits gained from A/B testing
Discover the best combination of changes in complex scenarios
Decrease production time of complex tests


What can you Multivariate test?

Call to actions
Contact details
Shipping details
Picture sizes
Steps in checkout
Header content
Payment methods
Responsive design
Mobile layout
Text size
And more!


As well as all the reasons for A/B testing, multivariate testing allows you to discover the best combination of changes and decrease production time of other complex tests. Multivariate testing will help optimise your businesses website for an increase in conversion rates.


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