Heatmaps help you understand how your audience interacts with aspects of your website.

Analysing what visitors interact with on your website enables you to see the elements that are best for clicks and conversions. This insight can then be used to optimise your website for prime performance.

Heatmaps take visitor data and turn it into snapshots of your website; this then tells you what they interact with. These then show you what should be removed from your website to make it a better experience and what should perhaps be enhanced in an attempt to get more people to see and interact with it.


Why use Heatmaps?

You can see what content visitors are interacting with
Get a visual representation of click, touch and scroll interaction
Easy to use and understand
A great way to show data for clients, bosses or coworkers
Will speed up user testing
Can increase conversions and engagement
Heatmaps are more cost effective than eye tracking


What can you identify with a heatmap?

Elements that aren't clicked
How visitors use your website 
Where on the layout the most profitable products or call to actions should be placed
Changes in behavior in A/B test variations
How visitors interact with dynamic content
How images affect behavior
How banner sliders/carousels work
And more!


Heatmaps are easy to use and will, essentially, improve your website and your visitors experiences when using your website.


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