A/B Testing


Easy A/B testing allows you to make data-driven conclusions on what landing pages work best for your business. 

An A/B testing service gives you the option to give different sets of viewers different landing pages on your website. The goal of this being to find out which version performs the best. 

A/B testing can be extremely advantageous to your business as you will...

1) Learn what works for your visitors

Knowing what landing pages work the best for you and gets you more clicks or views means you get a complex insight to what works for your audience. From testing out different landing pages you can see what attracts your audience the most and what catches their attention.  

2) Increase conversion rates

Having optimised landing pages that attract your target audience will hopefully lead to a higher amount of conversions, click throughs, and more. 

3) Eliminate any style of webpage that doesn't work

A/B testing enables you to see clearly what works and what doesn't. This means you can easily get rid of what doesn't work and only focus on what does work, through insights and analytics. 


What can you actually change?

Buttons and call to actions
Contact details
Payment methods
Responsive design
Mobile layout
Text size
And more!


When A/B testing, you don't necessarily have to change the whole webpage and make completely new versions. You can simply change a few of these options around and see which landing page works best for your customers and audience.

The option to A/B test simply enables you to optimise your website for full audience interaction and enjoyment. 


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