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Social Media to Close Deals

Often, social media is disregarded in most situations. However, it's one of the easiest ways of building relationships with people and guiding them to become a client. So, how can you use social media to close deals?

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is not as easy as it looks. It's not just a matter of boosting a post or a page, it requires in-depth thinking and analysing. If you're thinking of advertising with Facebook, here's everything you need to know.

Engaging More People on Facebook

Higher engagement levels are what most businesses aim for on Facebook, but do they know how to do it? It may seem impossible when, in reality, it's possible for anyone. Here's how...

Social Media Reports

Social media reports are absolutely essential in understanding the performance of your social media efforts. When done well, you'll be able to see your progress with social media and continuously improve your efforts.

Growing a Social Media Audience

Social media is a mixture between posting valuable content, engaging and interacting with people, building up relationships and more. But how do you grow your following?

Generate Leads using Facebook

Facebook is brilliant for reaching new, wider audiences with engaging and interesting content. Through Facebook, you can build new connections and relationships, as well as generating new leads.

Respond to Inquiries on Social Media

Social media is, quite obviously, a social platform for communications and connections. Social media enables your potential customers or customers to talk about any issues or inquiries they have, more directly.

Social Media Algorithms

Social media platforms are working to get content in front of people that matters most to them. It's about giving people the content they want. So what are the different algorithms and how can they work in your favour?

Social Media Marketing Plan

Before you begin your social media strategy, it's vital to form a cohesive plan that includes your goals, your values, what content you want to publish, and so much more.

Twitter for Business

Twitter makes it easy to find new people; everyday. It's the easiest place to join in on discussions and conversations to begin building relationships. Read our guide on nailing your Twitter strategy for your business!

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Worldwide, there are over 3 billion users on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And that's only three social media platforms! A social media marketing campaign exposes you to this vast audience.

Social Media Posting Frequencies

On social media, you will need to experiment and find the most effective posting frequencies. It's important to find these as it will affect your performance and results.

Twitter Promote Mode

Twitter Promote Mode puts your Twitter account and its tweets into an automated ads programme that automatically promotes 10 of your tweets each month.

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