Social Media Marketing Campaigns

  • Introduction

  • How to set Goals

  • Create a Campaign

  • Conclusion


Worldwide, every month, there are over two billion active users on Facebook, one billion on Instagram and 365 million on Twitter. 

With these huge numbers of people on social media, it’s obvious that businesses need to understand the importance of using social media channels to get in front of their target customers. Social media is so often used that you would simply be missing out on large portions of your target audience without exploiting the channels and platforms handed to you.


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined have around 3+ billion users


Social media allows you to reach this target audience, engage with them, create brand loyalty, increase website traffic, drive sales and so much more.

Social media marketing campaigns enhance all of these factors. They help you to reach an even wider audience, in a low-cost and effective way. It’s about building up your audience and creating a lot more brand awareness.

How to set Goals

To create an effective social media marketing campaign, you need to set specific goals and keep them in mind. These goals allow you to have a clear path that assists you in progressing towards the end goals. Here are some examples of goals you could have…


Improve brand awareness

To improve brand awareness, you could post your campaigns on a variety of different platforms. 91% of marketers said they noticed an increase in their brand awareness by only spending a few hours a week on social media; so a social media marketing campaign will inevitably increase your brand awareness. It’s about creating a campaign that will make an impression on your target audience and get them to recognise you as a brand.


Connect with your audience

Connecting with your audience is a brilliant goal to have; it enables you to build relationships with potential customers and already begin to go down the sales funnel. Connecting with your audience is all about delivering personalised and personable content that grabs their attention and gets them interested. The more people feel connected with your business, the better your campaign performance is going to be because people will take notice and engage with you.


Increase website traffic

Social media, overall, is already a brilliant way of boosting website traffic. However, a social media marketing campaign is even better for boosting website traffic. You’re going to want to create interesting, engaging and entertaining content that makes your potential customers want to find out and take further action. Add links to your website wherever necessary and make it easy for people to navigate back to your website.


Drive sales 

Driving sales means to focus on a specific service or product. It’s about building up the excitement surrounding this particular service or product and grabbing people’s interest. You need to try your best to get the word out and get this focus in front of as many people as you possibly can.


Of course, you can have any customised goal you want - but these are the most common and some of the best goals to aim for. These goals ensure your business is being seen by more people; and the best parts of your business, at that. Set your goals then craft a campaign that works cohesively with your them.




Create a Campaign

Creating a social media marketing campaign is completely dependent on the business. It differs depending on your goals, what you have available, what skills your business team has, and so on. The following tips have been created generically to help you get started…


Research competition

When you begin to plan your campaign, you need to research your competition. Think about the businesses that are similar to yours, and think about what campaigns they do. Look at their successes and what hasn’t gone so well. Try to understand how their audience reacts to their campaigns or strategy as their audience will be similar to yours. Take inspiration from what they’re doing, understand what works for them and what doesn’t, and incorporate that into your own strategy.


Craft strategy


Appeal to your target audience

In order to begin crafting your strategy, you need to understand your target audience. You need to understand who you’re trying to reach and engage in order to craft content that will engage and entertain the right people. While crafting your strategy, you need to be sure to never lose sight of who you’re trying to connect with - and why. If you lose sight of this, your content is not going to be seen by the right people.


Choose content type/format

Before you can write your content, you need to choose what type of content you’re going to share; what format it’s going to take. It can be in the form of a video, an infographic, text, a contest, etc. To determine content type/format, it can be as simple as looking at your goals and understanding why you’re doing the campaign; what your goals are. Your goals can then be used to shape what you’re going to share.


Promote content

Once you’ve written your content, it’s then time to promote it. Here are some promotional techniques you could consider…


Promoting only one message

It’s good practice to begin with sharing only one, consistent promotional message throughout all your platforms. This means that everyone, on all platforms, sees the same message and will see this same message consistently - which gives you a greater chance of them remembering you and the message you’re sending. Repetition will result in familiarity which builds up connections and trust.


Balancing promotional and non promotional content

A social media marketing campaign needs to have balance. There needs to be a fine balance between promotional and non promotional content. Your audience will begin to notice if you’re being constantly promotional and forceful, perhaps leaving them pressured or discouraged. Your campaign will be most effective if you create a balance between promotional and non promotional content; your content will be seen as useful, helpful and valuable to your audience, rather than you just trying to sell to them.


Ensure your content is unique

All content you write needs to be unique. It needs to have your businesses personality, values and messages injected into it to ensure that your brand is standing out from the other social media marketing campaigns ongoing from other brands. You need to create a voice for yourself and maintain this voice in unique, individualistic content. Alongside this, unique content will also grab your target audience’s attention more as you’re delivering content that is new to them and interesting, it stands out from the rest.


Engage with your audience 

Engaging with your audience is absolutely essential. Engaging with them allows for connections and relationships to build up. It allows your audience to see you’re a real brand, with real responses and capable of having real conversations. The more you engage with your audience, the better experience they will attach to your business.

Create a unique hashtag

A potential promotional strategy you could adopt is using a unique hashtag. As a general rule of thumb, it’s known that hashtags allow content to be seen by a wider audience. Creating your own unique hashtag allows you to easily keep track of interactions and engagements, if people have joined in on using the hashtag etc. Your hashtag needs to be something that’s memorable and relevant.


Automate content 

It can be a good idea to automate your content. When you automate content, it’s about automating the generic posts that are going out on the daily or weekly. Automating content enables you to spend more time focusing on engagements and creating connections and relationships with your audience. It gives you more time to interact with people and have meaningful conversations.






Social media has such a large, built up audience that having a social media marketing campaign is essential. A campaign will help you build up your own audience, create connections, interact with people, increase brand awareness and so on. 

When you’re building a social media marketing campaign, you need to think about your audience and who you want to engage with. You need to understand what they need/want from a business like yours, what their pain points are, what content they like, what interests and entertains them.  


Your social media marketing campaign exposes you to new audiences 


Look into your competitors and understand what campaigns they run and how the campaigns perform. Look at their audience and how they react and interact with your competition. This gives you a great insight into what people similar to your audience enjoy and what they’re looking for.

However, this being said, your campaign needs to be unique. It needs to follow your businesses values, message, voice and personality. You need to create a brand that people can and want to follow and engage with.

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