Keep Customers Coming Back

  • Introduction

  • Keep in Touch

  • Give Them a Reason

  • Create a Community

  • Make it Easy for People to Contact

  • Conclusion


In business, it’s all about growth and retaining customers. It’s all well and good gaining a customer, but if they’re a one time customer and never return again; essentially you only gained a bit of business then returned back to a normal, constant state in trying to attract new customers. 


It actually costs five times more to acquire new customers than it does to retain one, so having a one time customer will cost you more than having a returning customer


Returning customers help build up a loyal customer base. Having a loyal customer base is an extremely beneficial thing as a business as it increases chances of word of mouth advertising as well as exposure on social media or other platforms. This is because people who enjoy your business and services will want to talk about you, share your posts and content, etc. meaning your content will be placed in front of new audiences. People believe other people; so people will see your loyal customer group and feel they can trust you immediately.

Therefore, returning customers are vital. They’re essential in the growth of your business and will help you progress. Returning customers will also save you money and time. All you have to do to gain returning customers is nurture them and give them reasons as to why they should return…

Keep in Touch

The easiest way to gain returning customers is to simply stay in touch. The minute you forget about a customer, the minute they’ll forget about you. You need to make the effort to reach out and talk to your customers, see how they’re doing, how they’re liking your product or service, and so on. Simply making sure your customers are doing okay after a certain time period will increase their liking towards you almost immediately.


All communications with your customers need to be meaningful, purposeful and have a value


You need to reach out to your customers individually and make them feel special. Make them feel that their presence has affected your business positively; be welcoming and friendly, show a personality rather than a business.

Give Them a Reason

An easy way to give them a reason to come back and use your business again would be to give them an offer, money off, etc. This way, people feel obliged and happy to come back to you.


However, a reason to come back does not always have to be monetary


It can be an incentive in the form of your businesses personality. Simply put, if your business strives to have the best personality and best customer service out there; people are going to feel more incentivised to return back to your business to use you again. This is because people gravitate towards friendliness and a welcoming face. People feel comforted and safe when they’re dealing with a business they’ve dealt with before and know how helpful and positive you are.

Create a Community

Creating a community can be a tough thing; but so worth it. This community can either just be your following on social media, all making each other welcome and all being able to discuss things. One great way to create a community would be through creating, for example, a specific Facebook page that allows for discussions etc. This way, your audience on social media can all join and become one unified community that are all interested in your business and what you have to offer.


A community is one of the best ways to get customers to come back


Think about it - a customer joins the community when they buy from you, so then they’re constantly reminded of your business and the services you have to offer; reminded so often that they come back for more. Try to build up a community that all paying customers want to be a part of, want to get involved with, and then automatically just stay in the community. This way, you can target the community openly to interest customers in returning to your business.

Make it Easy for People to Contact

A simple way of ensuring customers come back is to ensure there are easy ways for people to contact you. Make it simple and easy for people to get in touch with you, don’t hide contact forms anywhere, don’t hide any contact information anywhere. Make sure the information you give people is correct.


The more difficult it is for people to contact you, the more likely that people are going to choose to not contact you and go elsewhere


People also want instant gratification. People want to know answers straight away. They want to be contacted back immediately, and any less - they’ll feel dissatisfied with your service. This is exactly why you must respond back to people as soon as you can, with the answer they wanted to get. The quicker you can respond to people, the better.


All in all, getting customers to return to you may not be a walk in the park, but it’s necessary. As a business, it’s not practical to keep searching for new customers, you need to retain paying customers and make sure they keep returning for more.


Your business team need to focus on providing good customer service; making people feel welcomed and safe, like they can trust you


The more someone trusts you, the better. If people feel welcomed, why would they have to go elsewhere to find a business that provides a service like yours? You need to support them with anything and make sure their needs and wants are met. 

Getting paying customers to return is an absolute essential when running a business; you want to nurture paying customers and make them feel special. Make them feel that you care about them and you want their support; they’ll then feel obliged to stay. The nicer and more positive you can be with customers, the better rewards you’re going to get.

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