Design eCommerce for More Conversions

  • Introduction

  • Clear Purchase CTAs

  • Short and Simple Checkouts

  • SSL

  • Reviews

  • Good Imagery

  • Mobile Optimised

  • Concise Product Descriptions

  • Conclusion


Are you directly selling your services or products on your own website? If so, you need to optimise it for more conversions. You need to understand what encourages users to take action and complete a purchase; what journey they take and what will help them progress through the journey.


eCommerce sites are built for conversions


When optimising your website for more conversions/purchases you’re wanting to make it easier than ever for people to complete the transaction. You want to remove any possible barriers and anything that could discourage or draw their attention away. You need to make the journey delightful and understandable; it needs to flow.

But how do you optimise, or even begin designing, an eCommerce site/page to gain more conversions?


Clear Purchase CTAs

Having a clear call to action is what turns visitors into customers. Average call to action buttons on ecommerce platforms take the phrase “Buy Now” to encourage visitors to buy now.

A call to action button needs to stand out from the rest of the content. It needs to grab the visitor’s attention and give them the encouragement they need to click and take action. The best ways to make call to actions stand out is through using contrasting colours to the rest of the page.


Your call to action needs to be clear and stand out


This way, the website visitors attention will immediately go towards the element that is standing out. It’s then about making sure the text on the call to action is short and simple, giving people an action to take that makes sense and is the next logical step to take.

When it comes to your call to action buttons, you should experiment and understand what encourages people the most. This is where A/B testing is beneficial as you can test things such as colours and wording and completely understand what works best.


Short and Simple Checkouts

A large majority of ecommerce platforms out there use one click checkouts, however this may not be an option for you. If it is an option, definitely use one click checkouts. They’re a brilliant way of letting people checkout quickly and make the purchase easily. 

If you cannot utilise one click checkouts, you need to streamline your checkout process as much as possible to make it short and simple. Make the checkout process easy to follow and understand. Don’t ask for too much information, ask for the minimum amount of information possible to make the process as short as it can be.


Your purchase process needs to be simple and quick


Making the process easier to follow ensures you don’t lose any customers before they become paying customers. If your checkout process is too lengthy or difficult to follow/understand, the more chance you’re going to have of people dropping out along the way.



Having an SSL (secure sockets layer) is often included within your website builder. By this, we mean that your website should already come secure and have an SSL “greenbar”. A “greenbar SSL” encrypts the visitor’s payment details, making it much harder for hackers/scammers to steal any information about them.

It’s absolutely essential to have a greenbar SSL as, without it, your website is not secure and is not trustworthy. The majority of people will refuse to purchase anything from a website that is not secure as they are aware that it means their bank details and personal information is not secure and safe in the hands of the website in question. Due to this, people will not trust a website that is not SSL encrypted; they’ll most likely see the lack of a greenbar SSL and automatically click off.


A greenbar SSL indicates you've got a secure site


If you do not have a greenbar SSL, you’re not going to get as many visitors converting. They’re going to be discouraged and deterred that your site is not secure and is open to any sort of hacking or scamming.



In other articles, we have discussed the importance of reviews. Reviews are social proof; they’re proof of the quality of your services or products. Reviews are brilliant ways of pushing sales as people trust and believe other people more than they believe the marketer. People want to know and understand realistic opinions.

Showing reviews within your ecommerce platform instils trust and faith into your website visitors. It reassures visitors and eliminates any doubt they may have been having. If you do not feature any reviews, people tend to begin to ask questions and wonder if your site is genuine; and not just your site, your services or products.


Reviews comfort people and allow them to trust you more


Reviews are there to show that other people have used your services or products and have had a positive experience with them, making them seem more credible and reliable.


Good Imagery

When you’re trying to sell, you need to have high quality, visually pleasing photos. Images are often what grabs people's attention from the beginning. People are usually quick to judge, whether it be on a website or elsewhere, when it comes to imagery.  This is exactly why you need to have high quality imagery that adds value and is eye-catching.


Imagery is indicative of your quality, skill set and professionalism 


You should have good, high quality imagery throughout the whole of your website but it’s essential to maintain this throughout your eCommerce platform/area. Perhaps have images of your products or services, if possible, and maybe people using them. All these images need to be good quality and attractive; they need to grab people’s attention straight away and give a great first impression of what you’re trying to sell to them.  


Mobile Optimised

It’s said that over 50% of all web traffic is actually now from mobile. What this figure should tell you is that it’s essential to optimise your website, especially your eCommerce platform, for mobiles. 

Optimising your eCommerce platform for mobile means making it easier than ever to use, ensuring it loads quickly and, again, having a quick and easy checkout process. You need to remember that those viewing your eCommerce platform on mobile are on much smaller screens than desktop. This means that elements such as buttons and text need to be optimised in terms of making sure it’s still easily read and viewed.


50% of all web traffic is from mobile


You also need to remember to make the layout simple, it needs to just include the checkout process and nothing else. Give no distractions or anything else that may slow down loading speed.

Some eCommerce platforms may well optimise themselves for mobile users, leaving you with no technical work to do to optimise it.

Concise Product Descriptions

You need to have concise, compelling and interesting descriptions for what you’re selling. Without these descriptions, you’re going to lose the interest of your website visitors. You need to really grab their attention and keep them engaged with your words.

When it comes to the product descriptions you really need to encapsulate what your services or products are, what they do and how they can help people. You need to talk about the benefits and give people clear indications of what problems can be solved if they become a paying customer.


Product descriptions are there to engage, interest and inform people


Your description, as well as factual, needs to be persuasive and engaging - it needs to be something that grabs a visitor’s attention, makes them want to continue reading and persuades them to take action.


If you’ve got an eCommerce platform, you’re going to want conversions and you’re going to want paying customers/readers. These do not come easily. You’ve got to work hard to optimise what you’ve got.

Make the process easy, and make everything before the process eye-catching and interesting. You need to grab people’s attention straight away and make them intrigued. Everything on your eCommerce platform needs to be attractive, persuasive and valuable to the visitor. You also need to remember that you need to instil trust into your website visitors; you need them to see that you’ve got a reliable and trustworthy website, that they can safely buy from.


The more you optimise your site, the more conversions you'll get


Making sure you’ve ticked off all these factors, or optimised them all, is crucial. All the factors add up to the best experience for a visitor, making it an easy decision as to whether to buy from you or not.


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