Convert Website Visitors

  • Introduction

  • Segment your Audience

  • Test your Pitch

  • Show off Case Studies

  • Free Trials

  • Use CTAs Strategically

  • Conclusion


It’s all well and good your business website having high amounts of traffic, but is it high quality traffic that will convert? Without conversions, your business cannot grow and prosper.


“Traffic doesn’t matter without conversions”


All businesses are unique, and with that comes unique business plans. You may not want to make money through website conversions; your website may just be there for the sake of educating and informing people. However, if your goal is to make money through your website, you’re going to need to understand how to convert your website visitors into leads or, at the best, paying customers.

But… how do you convert website visitors into customers?

Segment your Audience

Segmenting your audience is all about determining where someone is in the sales funnel. Simply put, if someone is at the top of the funnel they’re only just learning about your business and this is where you present them with perhaps something educational about your industry or your business specifically. If someone is getting closer to the bottom of the funnel, it means they’re progressing towards a sale and it’s best to give them content that leads them to, for example, a free trial of your service or product.


You have to consider the behaviour that people have when it comes to your business website


Those reading your blog posts are more likely to convert into email subscribers before progressing down the sales funnel, and those looking at your pricing plans or services are more likely in the sales funnel and getting closer to becoming a paying customer.

It’s all about splitting your audience up into these groups and delivering content to the specific groups that will make a difference. Make different landing pages, have different strategies and target them with content that will help them progress.

Test your Pitch

It’s very important to test your pitch / mission statement.


People will read these to get a better understanding of who you are, what your business believes in, what you do, and so on


You may not think that your pitch/mission statement makes a difference in converting website visitors, but a pitch is something that makes your website visitors interested; it grabs their attention and, hopefully, makes them want to know more and find out more. It’s great for instilling trust and inquisitiveness into people.

Try testing out different pitches and/or mission statements to see what works best and most effectively. Experiment with everything you can; whether it be putting a call to action on it, using imagery, etc. Just experiment and determine what pitch gets people the most interested and intrigued. It may not convert website visitors into paying customers, but it may be enough to make them want to browse your website and find out more information.

Show off Case Studies

Case studies are social proof. Social proof is defined as the “influence that the actions and attitudes of people around us have on our own behaviour”. Therefore, in terms of your website, social proof is essentially other people’s opinions making an impression and influencing other people’s opinions. It’s about people trusting other people and feeling that “if other people are saying it, it must be correct”.

On your website, it’s important to show off your case studies and testimonials.


Visitors may need that extra push of confidence to go forward with your business, and a case study will be just that


Case studies show that other people have loved using your business, and the positive words reflect positively on you as a team; it makes visitors trust you instantly.

Case studies also show visitors that your business has dealt with customers and does provide a high quality service. It makes them feel confident and feel that you are trustworthy.

Free Trials

One of the best ways to get website visitors to convert into “customers” is offering them free trials. Free trials mean that the visitors don’t have to commit to anything, they’re simply just trying something out for free to gauge their opinion on it.


People tend to never say no to a free trial


It’s completely free, with little to no details needed, hassle free; just all within a click of a button and you get to use the service until you’ve made a decision on whether to continue using the service or not. It’s pretty self explanatory how helpful free trials can be when wanting to convert website visitors.

However, you’ve also got to remember that you’ve got to treat those who take free trials like you’d treat paying customers. Provide great customer service, deliver content when and if they need it, nurture them, treat them fairly and respectfully and give them an all round good impression of you. This way, people will feel welcomed and happy with the service altogether and there’ll be a higher chance of them becoming proper paying customers.

Use CTAs Strategically

If people are on a blog post; it won’t necessarily mean they want to become a paying customer. However, if people are on your pricing page or services/products page, there’s a higher chance they’re considering taking the leap and becoming a paying customer. This is where strategic call to actions come into play.


It’s all about optimising all call to actions and ensuring they match up and cooperate with the page itself


Having a call to action that seems oddly placed and not optimised won’t make the website visitors experience the best. You need to consider what they want, why they’re on a certain page and what the logical next step is. Take them down a journey and guide them to becoming a paying customer. Make it easy for them to follow.


Converting your website visitors is one of the most important things to do as a business if you want to grow and prosper. As mentioned, some businesses may not want to grow their business and convert more visitors; every team is unique and it’s all down to how your team work.

However, if you’re wanting to convert more website visitors, whether it be into paying customers or just a lead which you can begin nurturing and guiding down the funnel, you’ve got to do it right.


You’ve got to optimise your website and understand what works for persuading your website visitors to take a logical action


Of course, all audiences are different and your website visitors are going to differ from another website visitors, but the basics that we discussed are a great way to get started and it allows you to experiment and determine what works most effectively. 

To convert website visitors means gaining more leads and more customers; helping your business earn more money and grow. Take a look at your website performance today and determine what could be improved to convert more visitors.

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